Cluster Beans (Guar) Seeds
Cluster Beans (Guar) Seeds
Cluster Beans (Guar) Seeds
Cluster Beans (Guar) Seeds

Cluster Beans (Guar) Seeds

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This is a variety of cluster beans, it is an annual legume. Each pack contain 10 gm seeds with 98% physical purity seeds.

Cluster bean or Gwar phali scientific name is Cyamous tetragoclobe is a annual legume grow for its edible pods. This can be grow both summer and rainy/Manson season. This thrive well in warm climatic condition. Cluster beans grow in all type of soil but thrives well in well drained sandy loam soil. Cluster bean crop is hardy and drought resistant crop.

Planting instructions:

Cluster Beans seeds give the best yield in both summer and winter season. It grows well in all season. It is better to soak the seeds before sowing. Some seeds may not require soaking but Beans needs soaking, as soaked seeds will germinate quickly. It will take 1-2 weeks to germinate seeds. Keep the soil moist until the seeds sprout and provide the fertilizer properly to grow in healthy plants.

Growing Requirements:

Watering: Water is the most important and required thing. We should not water the plant more or very less. Cluster Beans should be watered regularly in the summer season, two days once in the winter season and three days once in the rainy season (If rainwater does not flow to the plant).

Pests: Cluster beans can be attacked by cutworms, aphids, flea beetles and spider mites. If you are facing these problems, use “Neem oil” based pestiside as an organic alternative.

Diseases: Cluster beans can be affected by Bacterial blight, Alternaria leaf spot, Anthracnose Colletotrichumcapsici, Powdery mildew Wilt., we advise using Neem oil. Neem oil can fight against diseases.

Soil: It can be grown well in all kind of soil. But sandy loam and clay-loam are best for its cultivation. Adding organic fertilizer and compost will result in healthy produce. If you are using a good Potting mix, no need to use additional any other fertilizer or compost. The Optimum pH range is between 7 to 8.

Light: Sometimes due to less sunlight, it will not grow properly. So it is better to grow outdoor or place it where it can get sunlight properly.

Temperature: It grows best in 20°C to 35°C temperature to grow. In this temperature, cluster beans seeds grow well.

How to harvest:

If you’re providing water, fertilizer, compost and Neem oil (In the case of any diseases) properly it will take 100 to 120 days to grow from seed to harvest. Some depend on varieties. We can harvest cluster beans once they grow 10 to 12 inches wider. Its better time to harvest!



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